The “Barong” Dance

The Barong is a mythological beast with an immense coat of fur and gilded leather vestments. The Barong is of demonic origin, a symbol of kindness and protector of the village; the people have made a beast in this image and have transformed it into a playful benevolent creature.

In the middle of the huge jungle called Awindya, there were two brothers living together named Sunda and Upasunda. Both possessed great strength, being full bodied and having supernatural powers and the two brothers attempted to conquer the Swarga Loka, (Paradise).

Knowledge of their great power spread all over the Swarga Loka, and it was noticed by the God Indra, who attempted to find a way to disturb their yoga, delegating the task to the God Siswakarma. God Siswakarma commenced the mission, transforming himself into a very beautiful Goddess who could attract the two brothers.

Her mission was to disturb their meditation and, if successful, this would turn them against each other, resulting in fighting between them and using their powers against one another. Given they both wished to marry the Goddess, a large war erupted between them.

During this battle of the supernatural powers, they both transformed themselves back to their original shape to become Rangda and Barong. During the battle, they both had forgotten their mission for attacking the Swarga Loka as a result, paradise was once again peaceful for the right reasons.

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